It began as an experiment

Could eating an alkaline diet of raw fruits and vegetables really make that much of a difference? I am no stranger to diets, having tried just about everything out there: paleo, mediterranean, vegetarian, high carb low fat, low carb high fat, high protein, low sugar, counting macros, all while working out 2 hours a day, lifting weights, and doing many forms of cardio. I kept trying because nothing was working. I had a big set back after Lyme disease and couldn't get back to where I was several years ago. So when I heard about the alkaline diet, I thought it made sense and I was willing to give it a try.

Initially I started with raw fruits and veggies thinking this was what I needed to do, but unfortunately, I got detox symptoms within a couple weeks. Not understanding why I felt bad after eating raw fruit and vegetables, I dove in to further research. I found out that my body was blocked, from years of eating food that is not real food, and I knew I needed to get cleaned out ASAP.  

I followed a specific plan for a juice fast / detox along with colonics, and I watched the weight fall off. My energy went through the roof. My eyes cleared. My head cleared. My mucous cleared. My husband could not believe the results I was having and started eating fruit as well.  He started with breakfast having 4-6 bananas each morning.  He luckily did not have the detox symptoms I initially had, so he was able to add more fruits to his meals and is now eating 10 bananas a day.  We were blown away as he started getting the same results - clear skin, energy through the roof, overall feeling better than he had in years.

I set up this site to share resources and information with friends and family.  The quotes and links shared here inspired me to heal my body and look at the way we eat in a way I never have before.  

Try an experiment for yourself. Make fruit a meal instead of a snack, and see how you feel after you eat something that is alive, alkaline and full of life rather than cooked, acidic and void of nutrients.  If you want to see a big change, take the challenge of a juice fast / detox along with colonics to get cleaned out and watch how your body heals and your mind transforms.

     Excerpt below from the book: The Raw Food Detox Diet By Natalia Rose 

Eating living foods makes us more vibrant - literally "full of life."

We are living beings.  Although no one will dispute that, our civilization consumes food that is dead - or cooked.  Ask yourself, how can dead food sustain living beings without making those beings less vibrant?  


UPDATE: 2022

As Joe and I continued to eat fruit and keep about an 80/20 diet (fruit and raw foods as the 80%), we were still having a few things come up in our health.  For me it was digestive, not as much energy as I had when I initially started eating the fruits, feeling bloated after meals with nuts/seeds, intense cravings for salty foods.  I was not having the same results as I had in the beginning from juicing.  I thought I may need some probiotics or perhaps was missing some nutrients.  I did more research and tried adding some raw cheese (utilizing the live bacteria from the milk rather than pasteurized milk for cheese).  It was delicious and Joe and I loved eating it, but I broke out in a rash and I could feel my body become inflamed from each new thing I tried, from supplements to trying different foods to eat.  

I decided to get an iridology reading, something I had wanted to do for a while.  It was very interesting to get feedback on my body through my eyes.  Iridology is one of the most effective ways to scan your body, like a CT scan but even more revealing. The body has two kinds of fluids; blood constitutes 25%, lymphatic fluids constitutes the remaining 75%. What the eyes reveal to us is the 75% of the lymphatic fluids which says a lot about the condition of our health. 

I learned where I needed to focus my attention on healing.  Joe also had an iridology reading, and I learned so much - specifically about how I was doing all of the wrong things for us!  We were eating foods we should not be, like the cheese and kefir I had recently added, too many nuts, also breads and fats (yes even "healthy" fats like olive oil and avocados) - and we were not doing any of the things we needed to clear out our body from previous years of eating processed food and meats that our body can't digest, consequently building up and storing as pockets in the colon, also showing red flag signs of cholesterol in the arteries and veins.  How eye opening for us! 

Thanks for our health plan after our iridology reading, we have made swift changes to our diet, knowing what we need to work on specifically now.  I will report back here as we go, and let you know how our healing journey is going. 

I recommend EVERYONE should get an iridology reading!  Otherwise you are just trying things that you hope are working, but you never really know what YOUR body needs. 

Click here for the iridologist that we used, it's the best $150 Joe and I have ever spent on our health, and I truly believe will be saving us from some health issues we had building up that we didn't know about, even though we "looked" to be in good health.  

Having a specific plan to follow has made all the difference for us!

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