What is Amfibian Fuel?

Amfibian Fuel (AF) is for health and vitality, to light a spark in your heart and soul, and most of all... for having fun!


We believe in the power of laughter, the wisdom of amfibians, and the magic that happens when you blend it all together in a refreshing green juice.

Drink the greens, wear the clothes, piece the puzzles... and meditate

"To health, happiness, and a new state of being that unfolds when we listen to our bodies and the whispers of the world around us." -Melinda Anter (Founder)

Here's to getting lit ✨ and staying fit!

For your health

The ancient wisdom of the greens

Inspired by frogs, we created Frog Juice - a harmonious blend of Greens, Shilajit and Mushrooms. Are they made from real frogs? No silly! We just think frogs are fun... and perfectly green like our juice.


for your mind

Shilajit: Because Frogs Know Best

Ever wondered how frogs stay so wise? It's the Shilajit, the Yoda of the swamp. Add a dash to your green juice, and you'll be doling out wisdom like a swamp sage in no time.


for your tastebuds

Tantalizing Recipes

Embrace the versatility of Frog Juice, whether in its pure form or infused with the goodness of almond milk, blended into a fruity green smoothie, or transformed into a potent blueberry antioxidant elixir.


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Superfood Blend

Wear Amfibious Art

Elevate your style & spirit

Wearing amphibious art isn't just about fashion; it's a conscious choice to radiate positivity to those around you and embrace the joy of the journey.



Assembling one of our frog puzzles is a journey in itself. With each piece in place, the image unfolds like an enchanting story, revealing the magic of puzzle-solving as a form of mystical meditation.

Tadpole Time

The Brain Gym

Engage in the brain gym, where puzzles reign supreme. Puzzles are to the brain what tadpoles are to the swamp – essential for growth and development. Tackle the 520-piece frog-themed puzzle to get the brain leaping.


Connecting to the most powerful tool that is YOU

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The Spiritual Saga of Frogs and Meditation

In the tranquil swamps where lotus leaves float gracefully, an unexpected congregation of yogis gathers on lily pads. Yes, you guessed it – frogs are the undisputed meditation gurus of the amphibian world.

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