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Do you want to fast track your health journey? Here's how...

When I learned about the parasites and worms that live in our intestines, I wanted to get them out as quick as I could. I knew I wanted to do a juice fast, but I also wanted to do everything I could to mitigate the detox symptoms and get my intestines cleared out ASAP.  I started looking into colonics and how they could help. 

I borrowed a book from my friend to get some raw recipes. As I looked through the book, I got way more out of it info than I expected.  "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose is an excellent resource for recipes and information and transitioning your diet to raw.  I highly recommend this book!  

I also got some information that helped to answer some questions I had about colonics.  I have done several now and had excellent results along my healing journey, so I'm hoping to pass along some insight for anyone who may also be wondering about this option for health and cleansing. In the book, an interview was done with Gil Jacobs, a Master Colon Therapist.  Here are some of the Q & A's that were addressed:  

Interview with Master Colon Therapist and cleansing guru, Gil Jacobs - Q & A's below 

One of the first concerns people have about colon therapy is that it might cause some structural damage, like rupturing the colon.  What would you say to people about this?

Speaking only to the effects of a gravity centered colonic, which is the only kind of unit I recommend, the water enters the body through a thin tube which has the diameter of approximately 1/6-1/8 inch.  And if they were to see how gentle the flow of water is as it enters the body, they would see there is no way anything can be damaged.  The water goes through way too slowly and in too small a quantity. You would have to have an intestine that was made of papier-mâché for that water to do any damage whatsoever.


Why do people who eliminate every day still need colonics?

When you wake up in the morning after you go to the bathroom, suck in your midsection very deeply as you exhale.  If you have a clean intestine that's not holding waste, your belly button should be almost kissing your spine.  The midsection should be a cavern.  It should almost look like you're starving to death.  If you don't get that and all you can do is pull in a tiny bit, your intestine is full of matter and that's no good. 

We all grew up eating pancakes, chicken, sandwiches, Doritos, cheeseburgers.  It doesn't matter what your elimination is - if you grew up eating "normal" American fare and you got into health in your twenties, thirties, forties, or beyond, your body is impacted. Just because you are asymptomatic does not mean you are healthy.


How long should people wait between colonics?

The more you follow the raw food diet, the deeper into the tissue the diet will go.  It's at this point that you need help.  What you have to remember is that the human bowel is meant by nature to pass yesterday's salad, not ten-year-old matter from 1995 steak and eggs.  As you get into raw foods and this juicing game, you will loosen up your 1995 steak and eggs.  Your body's not equipped to pass that on its own.

If you are overweight or have a history of constipation (even though you may not have any symptoms), and you want to take on an all raw diet, I recommend you do one colonic a week for as long as you can.  This is because a lot of people with bad bowels take on the raw food diet and only think they are eliminating really well.  What they don't realize is that, while they are eliminating what they are putting in, they're also awakening the "demons" from years of constipation and bad eating - and they are not being eliminated. 

Remember this: old matter comes out like hockey pucks; it does not come out thin and runny.  So if you are only getting the latter from an enema or laxative, that is not a cleansing.  That means the heavier matter is deep in the body and you must do a colonic.  If instead of going on a raw food diet, perhaps you go on a macrobiotic diet or a Pritikin-style diet, that will be a lot less cleansing and you'll be able to get by on six or seven colonics a year. The more raw the diet, the more the colonic action comes into play.

People undertaking this raw food lifestyle will have tremendous results with colonics because all the good food (the fruits, juices, salads, and so forth) that they're taking in will awaken the old "demons" and remove them. Adults who have grown up on normal food in their twenties, thirties, forties etc then convert to a diet that's 80 percent raw fruits, salads and juices, with 20 percent that's avocado, nuts, seeds and cooked tubers, could do one colonic a week for the rest of their lives because their bodies are so filled with waste from all the previous years of eating normally.


Why isn't one colonic enough?

Let's assume you have lived for thirty years on standard American fare.  Suppose one colonic can remove a month of the residue of food that's stuck in your body like glue (and remember every meal that you've put in your body since birth that is not a fruit or a vegetable is partially stuck in your body like cement).  Now let's suppose a colonic can remove a month's worth of matter - and that's a great colonic. Think about what you could eat in a day as a fifteen-year-old.  Multiply that by thirty and you get a monstrous amount of impaction.  If a colonic can remove one month's worth of eating and there are twelve months in a year, just do the math.

Anyone who thinks one colonic can take care of a lifetime of impaction... well, it's like saying to Itzhak Perlman, the great violin player, "Itzhak, I took one violin lesson!  When do I get to play the Met?" This whole life is a continuum.  We learn as we cleanse, and we learn from our cleansing responses.  We learn from the higher levels of energy, from the emotional releases that are coming.  All of this is a long, beautiful journey.  People need to let go of the medical paradigm that one colonic should fix you the same way one surgery should fix you.  It didn't take ten minutes to create an impacted bowel.


Can you address how long foods take to move through the stomach and be eliminated by the body?

Transit times are important because they guide how food should be eaten during the day.  

Stomach transit is the most important element in planning the diet.

Intestinal transit is the most important element in gearing your results.  

Stomach transit times are the following:  Fruits on an empty stomach in a clean body or a moderately clean body can leave the system in thirty minutes. This does not count dried fruits, which take three hours.  Salads (raw vegetables sprinkled with olive oil) take 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the individual (the cleaner and more active the individual, the more rapid the transit through the stomach).  Vegetables mix very well with grains or proteins, so it would be a good idea to eat a salad followed by a grain or a protein.  But once that grain or protein enters the stomach, a minimum of four hours for the grain meal and a minimum of five hours for the protein is needed.  

If you're eating a mixture of grain and protein like, say sushi, you should not eat until the following day because that meal will move so slowly through the stomach that whatever you put in it later on will ferment and turn into poison.  If you keep transit times in mind, you will not ferment and trap your stomach.  The quicker food gets through the stomach, the quicker it gets to the bowel, and the quicker it exits the bowel.

In terms of intestinal transit time, someone just eating fruit will see it pass about eleven hours later.  Salads take twelve to thirteen hours, and so on.  But if everything's running into one another, you might as well be eating cheeseburgers!

There is more information on this subject in the book - also check it out for awesome recipes and great advice on transitioning your diet.

On my first juice fast, I got a hydrotherapy colonic 

I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made, in how I felt and how I looked.  I learned that once you do your first colonic, you should go back for a second as the liver will now be dumping toxins as you have freed up some space.  The second colonic is important to have so you can clear those toxins out.  As you keep doing colonics, you will see more and more waste (and parasites, worms, flukes etc) clear out of your body, you will be amazed to see what comes out of you.  The more colonics you do, the more comes out of you. Crazy that it works this way, but it does.

I went for a series of hydrotherapy colonics at Between Two Worlds in Attleboro, MA.  It's a beautiful healing retreat.  Perry (the owner) is very knowledgable and full of ideas to help you along your health journey. For anyone local, I highly recommend going here. The prices are the best and you will learn information from Perry that you won't find anywhere else.


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