Dogs for Veterans

With every purchase, we make a donation to Canines With a Cause.  

We are passionate about their mission and service to Veterans through canine companionship.  

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One in four veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD, depression or anxiety. Veterans return home with feelings of abandonment and often have a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. The adjustment can include depression, substance abuse and in worst cases, violence and suicide. Working and training assistance dogs has proven to be very beneficial to veterans. The bond created by the training process can lessen stress and help veterans deal with the invisible scars of war. Dogs provide love, comfort, joy and help transform lives. -Canines With a Cause

The mission of Canines With a Cause is to create a sustainable program and processes to effectively and holistically treat combat Veterans with PTSD, with well-trained, specialized service dogs that provide emotional therapy as companions. By rescuing dogs from kill shelters, and using prison inmates as a means to train, they essentially save three lives: the Veteran, the dog, and the inmate.


22 Veterans commit suicide every day.
1.8 million dogs are killed in animal shelters every year.
Percentage of post 9/11 veterans with PTSD = 30%


Canines With a Cause help veterans suffering with PTSD and other disabilities find hope and healing through canine companionship. Their dogs are rescued from high-kill shelters and given the opportunity at a new life where they receive and give love and comfort. Their program offers prison inmates a second chance to do something valuable with their lives and give back to the community.

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