Title: Embracing Vitality at 40: A Journey of Healing, Green Juices, and Froggy Wisdom

Dear Readers,

As I celebrate my 40th year on this beautiful journey called life, I can't help but reflect on the incredible twists and turns that have shaped my path, especially when it comes to health. One of the most challenging chapters involved overcoming Lyme disease, a battle that not only tested my strength but ultimately led me to discover the transformative power of green juices.

In the depths of my struggle with Lyme disease, I embarked on a quest for healing that took me through various conventional and alternative treatments. It was during this time that I stumbled upon the rejuvenating wonders of fruits and juice fasting. The idea of detoxifying my body and replenishing it with essential nutrients became a beacon of hope in my healing journey.

Creating my own green juice became a daily ritual, a symphony of vibrant flavors and health-boosting ingredients. Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, and a touch of lemon blended into a concoction that not only tantalized my taste buds but also flooded my body with the goodness it desperately needed. Each sip felt like a step towards vitality, an affirmation that I was nurturing myself back to health.

I began to appreciate the synergy of nutrients and minerals in my homemade green juice, aiming for the perfect balance to create an alkaline environment within my body. This alkalinity, I discovered, was not just about physical health; it extended to my mental and emotional well-being. The clarity and vibrancy I felt were akin to a sunrise after a stormy night.

In the midst of this healing journey, an unexpected source of inspiration emerged – frogs. Yes, you read that right – frogs. I found a delightful connection between these amphibious creatures and my pursuit of wellness. Their symbolic representation of transformation and adaptability resonated deeply with my own evolution towards a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating this froggy theme into my daily routine added a playful and spiritual element that brought joy to my heart.

Life, like the croak of a frog in the stillness of the night, became a symphony of joy and discovery. Each hurdle I overcame was a leap towards a healthier, happier me. My 40s are not just a milestone; they are a celebration of resilience, self-discovery, and the simple pleasures of a well-lived life.

As I raise a glass of my green elixir to toast to the years behind and the adventures ahead, I invite you, dear readers, to savor the sweetness of life, embrace your own journey of wellness, and perhaps, find inspiration in the unexpected wisdom of frogs.

Here's to health, happiness, and the magic that unfolds when we listen to our bodies and the whimsical whispers of the world around us.

Cheers, [Your Name]

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Welcome to [Your Company Name] – Where Wellness Meets Whimsy!

Hello there!

I'm thrilled to welcome you to our corner of the internet, where vibrant health and a touch of whimsy come together in the most delightful way. I'm [Your Name], the founder of [Your Company Name], and I'm here to share a bit about my journey and why I embarked on the green juice adventure that has become the heart and soul of this company.

As a woman entering her 40s, life took an unexpected turn when Lyme disease became a part of my story. It was a challenging period that led me to explore unconventional paths to healing. Amidst various treatments, I discovered the incredible impact of fruits and juice fasting, particularly the magic of green juices.

Creating my own green juice blends became a daily ritual – a symphony of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, and a hint of lemon that not only revitalized my body but also brought immense joy. This journey of healing inspired me to share the transformative power of green juices with others, leading to the birth of [Your Company Name].

Our green juices are not just a blend of ingredients; they're a testament to resilience, health, and the joy found in everyday moments. The alkaline balance, the burst of nutrients, and the vibrant flavors are a celebration of life's sweetness.

And why frogs, you may wonder? Well, these whimsical creatures became an unexpected source of inspiration. Symbolizing transformation and adaptability, they added a playful touch to my journey and, consequently, to our brand. Each bottle of [Your Company Name]'s green juice carries a bit of that froggy magic – a reminder to embrace change, find joy in the process, and croak your own unique tune in the symphony of life.

So, whether you're here to explore the benefits of our handcrafted green juices or simply to infuse a bit of whimsy into your wellness routine, know that you're in good company. Here's to health, happiness, and the delightful journey we're on together.

Cheers to a vibrant life! [Your Name] Founder, [Your Company Name]


MELA - Owner / Creator

An artist and entrepreneur, MELA is passionate about health, expanding consciousness and creating new ways of seeing and sharing her art.  

She had the idea for Amfibian Fuel through her own journey of self discovery.  With consistent meditation and study, she began to peel back the layers and found at the core a joy and a love for life.

"Get Lit AF is for health and vitality, for getting lit in your own heart and soul, and most of all... for having fun." -MELA

See meditation page for her favorite resources and inspirations.



Joe with pups

Joe - Sales Mentor and Banana Champion 

Not only our Sales Mentor, but Amfibian Fuel's leading example of defying age, Joe looks and feels 20 years younger than he is.  We can attribute it to the 10 bananas he eats a day, along with intermittent fasting, daily AF greens, and an active lifestyle.  

The wisdom and energy he shares inspires everyone to be and do more.

"Whatever your strengths are, whatever you are good at, just focus on that and you will be a success." - Joe



Erin - Infused Oil and Herbal Specialist

With healing hands and heart, Erin has the kindest care and touch that radiates a sense of wellness into each session of her infused oil therapy.  Her passion for nature and desire to create inspires oil combinations that bring unique flavors and scents together, and in a special way connects with others on a soul level.  

She offers rain drop massage, facials, and guasha in addition to her own line of infused oils.  Visit here.



Chappie & Gus - Board of Directors

Always keeping the company's goal top of mind: HAVE FUN.  This is all for fun.  If it's not fun, why are you doing it?  Go have fun, make more fun, do fun, be fun.  

Try it now... Here's a ball, go throw it :)



Marketing / Social Media Specialist

This could be you... 


Brand Ambassador

 This could be you...



Who, What, When, Where, Why & How to Get Lit AF

We've answered it all and more...


WHO is Get Lit AF?

A conscious company created to help others raise their energetic frequency through greens, art, and meditation.



WHAT is Get Lit AF?

1) AF Greens

What are AF Greens?

Amfibian Fuel (AF) was made for health and vitality by alkalizing your body with nutrient dense greens and minerals.  Are they made from real amphibians?  No, all products are vegan but thanks for asking.  We just think frogs are fun, and green, and perfectly suited for our green juice.  We have 2 products: greens and minerals, with more on the way.  Read more about greens here and minerals here.

2) Art EFX

What is Art EFX?

Unique visual effects created with the combination of moving lights on a specially designed canvas to reflect the vibrations of the colors and bring you into the dimensions of the layers.  A flat canvas becomes a moving 3D piece of art, giving a one-of-a-kind experience to the viewer.  The artwork is created by MELA and available here.

3) Meditation

What is Meditation?

Connecting to the most powerful tool that is YOU.  Meditation will raise your frequency and is something you can do on your own at any time, for as long as you want or as short as pausing to take 3 deep breaths.  Many people don't realize the powerful effects it can have in their life by making it a daily practice.  Check out the meditation page to see helpful resources and our favorite teachers and guides in this space.  Try them out, research your own, and make a commitment to stick with a meditation practice for a month and see what positive changes happen in your life.


WHEN is Get Lit AF?

Daily is recommended, consistency is key.  Try different combinations that work for you, here is a sample guideline:

Morning - meditation and then AF greens

Mid-day - deep breaths (mini meditation), followed by minerals and then lunch

Evening - art EFX and meditation before bed


WHERE is Get Lit AF?

Online and at events, with retail stores coming soon.

Click here for Greens

Click here for Art

Click here for Meditation

Click here for Trade Shows

Click here for Social Media


WHY Get Lit AF?

For health and vitality, to raise your frequency, and to have fun.


HOW do I Get Lit AF?

It's pretty easy - drink AF Greens, enjoy art EFX, and meditate.