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Fasting could not have a better, more concise definition than


When you fast, you shut down digestion so that all of your energy can go toward healing your body at every level (your cells, tissues, and organs). Thus, you are literally placing yourself in the hands of the most adept surgeon there is: Nature. Your body is designed to heal itself, but is not often given the opportunity to do so because you're constantly forcing it to spend its healing energy on managing external factors such as food, pollution, stress, excessive exercise, and so forth.

     Excerpt from the book: The Raw Food Detox Diet By Natalia Rose 


Below are the videos I watched multiple times to learn more about juice fasting and detoxing. I discovered eye opening information that inspired me to take the challenge on for myself.

As I learned more about detoxing, I got comfortable with the idea that it was most likely going to get uncomfortable for a portion of my juicing journey.  Dr Morse has great information on "the healing crisis" and you can learn more about detoxing symptoms by watching his videos.  When you get detox symptoms, be grateful - that means your body is doing its job and clearing out the old, toxic waste matter.  

Juice feasting info - John Rose 


The Master Fast System - Luigi Gino Di Serio 



When you do a juice fast and detox your body, you may feel worse before you feel better - know the detox symptoms: