Iridology & Personal Assessment

Get your own personalized health plan with an Iridology Reading

Iridology is like having a CT scan 

Iridology is the study of the iris, one of the most intricate and captivating tissue structures within the human body. Just like markings on a map, the iris can reveal your current health state along with strengths and challenges of your organs.

If you are looking to take this step on your healing journey (which I highly recommend!) Tuğçe Zaloğlu is amazing and extremely knowledgable.  She has trained through Dr Morse and has extensive experience healing her own health, and now works as a health coach helping and healing others.

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Eyes are not only windows to the soul of a person, they are also windows to the physical body. Iridology is the study of the iris, which helps us to explore and understand which gland, organ and system is challenged. 

Iridology is one of the most effective ways to scan your body. The body has two kinds of fluids; blood constitutes 25%, lymphatic fluids constitutes the remaining 75%. What the eyes reveal to us is the 75% of the lymphatic fluids which says a lot about the condition of our lymphatic system. So, essentially it's a super diagnostic way of checking the body, and can reveal great information about the root cause of dis-ease.

Along with the iridology eye analysis, I will be offering you health guidance, finding the root of where the issues are stemming. The health session will include suggestions of healing modalities, detoxing food groups and living supplements. After our session, you will receive a copy of your iridology eye analysis along with a customized health plan.

Looking forward to looking into your eyes! - Tuğçe Zaloğlu